We understand that trying to maintain a core value of safety and professional training is a big job. Most people are trying to contribute on top of  their everyday responsibilities. We, at Flight Level Training Solutions, are out to rid our industry of boring training and to support those who desire to see a change in the way aviation training is accomplished. Here are some of the ways we go about it.

Developing Customized In-House Training Programs

We work with flight departments to design in-house training programs that are customized to the operation while still meeting regulations and standards. We facilitate sessions to:

  • perform a training needs assessment so departments can prioritize their efforts in areas which will bring the best return on time and resources and encourage professional growth
  • review or create new Standard Operating Procedures so they are practical, understood, and followed
  • design training modules that are interactive, activity based and centered on role playing so learning is maximized and engaging
  • conduct on-the-job training so people can apply and retain the training they receive
  • write and conduct training assessments so the effectiveness of the training can be measured
  • provide a cultural assessment so departments can understand the level of trust and interaction in the organization and among those in the department

Supporting Safety and Training Managers

We know that these people do a lot of work on top of flying each week. We understand that there is not always enough time to research, create, and implement all of the training that is needed. Based on departmental input, we create customized training solutions and training activities such as

  • EPT training (fire in the cabin, active shooter, laser assault, etc)
  • safety workshops
  • merger and acquisition preparation
  • team building and leadership workshops

Tailoring Simulator Training

We help flight departments develop specific simulator scenarios to use in their provider training . Based on departmental data and input, we create a detailed syllabus for the sim instructor and training crew to follow.

Adapting Course ware and Learning Experiences

We help training providers make their products more meaningful and applicable so that clients not only receive knowledge but also skill development that is lasting.

If you would like to customize your aviation training,  leave us an email on our CONTACT page so we can connect. We will listen to the challenges and goals you have. We can then collaborate to find workable and relevant solutions.