Aviation is Rather Near Sighted: What We Can Learn From Other Industries

kid glassesIt happens. Our vision changes and suddenly all we can see is what is directly in front of us. It happens in industries, too. We get so wrapped up in the way we are doing things, that we forget to look at other industries and glean from the ideas and knowledge they are sharing.

Aviation has had trouble seeing past the end of her nose. So here’s a new prescription. Let’s use what other industries have discovered and apply that knowledge to better our own.


Many people think that leadership is born the minute a title is added to your name or job description. Others believe it comes naturally with age and seniority. In his article “Are You a Leader or a Follower?“, Dr Travis Bradberry gives a clear picture of what true leadership looks like.

The aviation industry needs to come to the realization that you can’t make people be good leaders.  Fear of punishment from non-compliance or the prestige gained from numerous certifications or degrees may produce outward change, but when the regulator is away and the certifications and degrees are achieved people revert to their inner beliefs and habits. Excessive regulation and prestigious certifications have bred mostly apathy and a lack of leadership. Sticks and carrots don’t work. Continue reading

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Quantum Safety Metrics: A Way to Measure Your Aviation Safety Initiatives

Perhaps you would like a tool to help Management better understand the safety needs and initiatives of your department. Or maybe you would like to track the progress of your safety program with hard data or to build team goals that are centered on safety.


If safety is a core value in your department, then you will want to hear about this tool that D. Smith has created. For a more detailed description of the metric and an example, read our article “Want to Move Beyond Box Checking? Get the Funding You Need to Make It Happen” or contact D. Smith personally. He is passionate about safety.


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One Amazing Tool Your Flight Department Can Start Using to Build Trust and Encourage Teamwork


Who wouldn’t like to increase the trust level in their flight department? It’s key to a safe and professional work environment.

But that’s not all it takes. Look at some of the other benefits this tool has to offer your flight operation.

  • A means to identify and mitigate risks
  • A tool to spur a proactive mentality
  • A lead for setting team goals
  • An indicator for training and safety measures
  • A way to encourage trust and teamwork
  • A lens to help focus on issues and not individuals
  • A vehicle to build a pilot’s confidence in his/her skills

If these are all traits that you desire to see growing in your department, then you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and listen to this interview with Steve Charbonneau. His passion is contagious.

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Want to Move Beyond Box Checking? Get the Funding You Need to Make It Happen

dollar signA LOT of money is spent every year on box checking; meeting minimum standards.  For the flight department or individual who wants something more, securing a greater amount of money for inspiring and relevant training can be difficult and daunting. Well, no more! D. Smith of the Transportation Safety Institute has come up with a brilliant tool to explain to upper level management or anyone else why good training, good resources, and safety go hand in hand.

Quantum Safety Metrics

Mr. Smith devised a formula “to quantify and measure safety performance” through a method known as Quantum Safety Metrics. The first step is to list every Program (P) the flight department is currently implementing which affects safety. Then each of these programs is given a Quantifiable Effect (QE) number which represents its effect on safety. Multiplying the program by the quantifying number gives the Accident Prevention Effort (APE). The formula looks like this.

Program X  Quantifiable Effect = Accident Prevention Effort

(P)        X      (QE)          =     (APE)

Continue reading

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The Story of Sally the Training Manager

Here is the long awaited sequel to The Story of Jimmy the Pilot. Box Checking has met its match!

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How Some Flight Departments Build Trust

There are lots of creative ways to build trust. Here’s one idea that pilots are finding successful. As always, we are glad to discuss it with you further.


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Who Can You Trust in Business Aviation?

images (18)Trust is sorely lacking in our society. Every day we hear of a government leader or sports figure who has betrayed us. Trust is on the decline in the field of aviation as well.

“falsified training records”

“had prior certificate revocation”

“routinely failed to comply with procedures and regulations”

These are all phrases that the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) has used to describe factors contributing to an accident. Perhaps one of the reasons that trust is so lacking is because it has been misplaced.

Can you trust the regulators to keep you safe?

There are plenty of regulations to keep us safe. Lots of money and time is spent on research that tells us what is required in order to keep us from replicating others’ mistakes and to keep us professional. Boundaries are set through the use of rules, systems, requirements, and disciplinary actions, all of which are are mandated in order to keep a minimum standard in place. But is it enough to place our trust in the regulatory agencies and call it good? Continue reading

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Secret Mission: Motivation

We think training and learning should be fun and engaging. We’ve had enough of bullet points. All they do is kill our interest in learning. Check out this video. It’s an example of how training can be quick, thought provoking, and enjoyable.

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The Story of Jimmy the Pilot

Meet Jimmy, the pilot. He just got his dream job and a little more training than he was expecting. We think it is pretty adept at describing your experience. Can you relate to Jimmy?

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How to Inspire Motivation in a Box Checking World

imagesToday pilots are heading off to their dream jobs. They love flying and are excited to be earning money doing something they enjoy. But that excitement won’t last forever. At least for most of the pilots. Soon apathy will set in and instead of becoming progressively better at what they do, they will be content to do the minimum and call it “good”. Why do some people continue to thrive and grow in their profession and others seem to just get by? How can we motivate others and ourselves? The answers may be surprising.

The Stick

Throughout history, the most common means for motivating people has been through the use of discipline or consequences. This practice is common in aviation where regulations are plentiful. The threat of losing a certification and thus a job looms over people’s heads more often than they care to admit. One mistake could cost them a call from the FAA or worse. While it is true that these standards set the boundaries for what is expected, they have done little to motivate people to excel in their profession. Compliance and box checking are the norm but professionalism and innovation are on the decline.

Continue reading

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