Flight Level Jet Management

 Management & Operations

When FLJM provides aircraft management and operations, you benefit from a turn-key operation. We take care of your asset and travel needs so you can spend your time where it’s needed.

Our core values are based on 4 principles: safety, integrity, trust, and accountability. We maintain a focused attention on every detail. What does all this mean? Simply put, professionalism is never lacking and safety is never compromised.

Our passion for aviation and excellence has allowed us to be a trusted provider of solutions for the business aviation community.

 Established Safety Culture

We are dedicated to building a firm foundation for safety that permeates every part of our operation.

We pro-actively mitigate risks through our Safety Management System and follow a code of best practices which sets us apart from our competitors.

We have established Standard Operating Procedures and train beyond minimum FAA standards by practicing precision and technical competence even in routine tasks.

 Maintenance Oversight

We manage and schedule all maintenance, flight checks, and performance testing. FLJM works closely with aircraft service providers. We have 24 x 7 x 365 access to technicians, parts, and information to keep your aircraft in optimal flying condition and up to date with required inspections.

Having an aircraft down because of unexpected maintenance issues is frustrating. We save your operation time, money, and headaches by proactively caring for your asset, using industry best maintenance practices.

We ensure that the issues are resolved as quickly as possible so that you can maintain your schedule and experience minimal down-time.

  Expense Management

Owning and operating a business jet has many variable expenses. We work to save you money without compromising safety, reliability, and the value of your aircraft.

We will work with your corporate accounting personnel to manage expenses and provide financial reports.

Thanks to our network of industry contacts, we can negotiate favorable discounts on fuel purchasing, aircraft servicing, and ground handling services. FLJM is accustomed to paying bills and tracking transactions for all aspects of aircraft ownership, so nothing slips through the cracks.

 Regulatory Compliance

Keeping current with FAA regulations and aircraft maintenance requirements is complex and requires attention to details in meeting deadlines. FLJM includes compliance monitoring with aircraft management services.

Whether that means important safety updates, submitting paper work and receiving approval from the FAA for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum, or simply knowing the curfew time for jets landing at a local airfield, we assure your compliance.

 Scheduling & Travel Support

We have a dedicated “Trip Sheet” where we capture all information regarding a client’s itinerary and special travel needs. This information is inputted and provided to the client through a mobile platform.

FLJM will also make arrangements for ground transportation from the airport to your destination and back, as well as for special amenities such as hotels, conference rooms, and other services as necessary.

  Experienced Flight Crews

The right pilot is indispensable to a successful flight department. Not only must they be expert “stick and rudder” aviators, they must exercise the ability to make good decisions under pressure while operating and managing complex aircraft systems.

Our pilots receive the best training in the industry and are continually learning and refining their skills. They attend numerous enrichment courses throughout the year which help them strive to be the best they can be on a daily basis.

Our crews follow Standard Operating Procedures found within our company’s Flight Operation Manual. A risk assessment is completed and crews are briefed before each flight.  This degree of Safety Management is a requisite for our managed clients.


For more information about aircraft management and operation services, contact FLJM directly at 641-521-0727 or kreynolds@flightlevelgroup.com