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Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome – Don’t Let It Happen To You

  I am the wife of a pilot. I know what it is like to spend Christmas and other holidays without the one I love. I have experienced the challenges of managing a household and caring for children for weeks … Continue reading

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One Amazing Tool Your Flight Department Can Start Using to Build Trust and Encourage Teamwork

Who wouldn’t like to increase the trust level in their flight department? It’s key to a safe and professional work environment. But that’s not all it takes. Look at some of the other benefits this tool has to offer your … Continue reading

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Secret Mission: Motivation

We think training and learning should be fun and engaging. We’ve had enough of bullet points. All they do is kill our interest in learning. Check out this video. It’s an example of how training can be quick, thought provoking, … Continue reading

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Training vs. Learning: What’s the Difference?

He who controls the language, commands the industry. Herein lies the problem in aviation training. Training is the term most often used to describe the experiences mandated by the regulatory agencies, scheduled in our flight departments and practiced in the … Continue reading

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Aviation Training Resources: How Effective Are They?

Each year, reports are issued on the latest trends in aviation safety. Training departments scurry to find products and resources to counteract those trends. But is the effect of these efforts lasting? Unfortunately, most of the products and resources available … Continue reading

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