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Most Aviation Training Isn’t Training – Lessons From A Dog

You can’t train your dog to do the same trick twice. Nope. Once the dog has learned how to do the trick, his training is complete. If he sits when you say “Sit!”, he’s trained. You can PRACTICE giving him … Continue reading

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The One Fear Which Haunts Aviation

It’s time to be frank. Aviation is fearful. “But aviation is safer than ever. The accident rate is at an all time low. The chances of death in an airplane are far less than riding in a car,” you say. … Continue reading

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The Story of Sally the Training Manager

Here is the long awaited sequel to The Story of Jimmy the Pilot. Box Checking has met its match!

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How to Inspire Motivation in a Box Checking World

Today pilots are heading off to their dream jobs. They love flying and are excited to be earning money doing something they enjoy. But that excitement won’t last forever. At least for most of the pilots. Soon apathy will set … Continue reading

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When Box Checking is a Good Idea

Box checking can be a good thing! Yes, we know it is something you’ve grown tired of, but this time it has a little different feel. We think you may actually ┬álearn a little more about yourself in the process. … Continue reading

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Training vs. Learning: What’s the Difference?

He who controls the language, commands the industry. Herein lies the problem in aviation training. Training is the term most often used to describe the experiences mandated by the regulatory agencies, scheduled in our flight departments and practiced in the … Continue reading

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Aviation Training Resources: How Effective Are They?

Each year, reports are issued on the latest trends in aviation safety. Training departments scurry to find products and resources to counteract those trends. But is the effect of these efforts lasting? Unfortunately, most of the products and resources available … Continue reading

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The Coming Revolution in Aviation Training

Every once in awhile, people get so frustrated with the status quo that they decide to do something about it. Often the outcome is labeled a Revolution. Aviation Training is headed in that direction. People in the industry are tired … Continue reading

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