“That’s my baby!” – How One Maintainer Improves Communication and Keeps His Passion for Aviation Alive


Private_airplane_in_hangarEvery once in awhile we come across someone who utters a phrase that just won’t stop rolling around in our heads.

Bob Rorison, technical adviser for TrainingPort, was describing the role of the maintainer to us during the NBAA Conference. As he spoke about his attention to detail and his expectation that the plane be well maintained, he made a declaration of love…”That’s my baby!” His connection to the plane and his passion for keeping her running and in tip top shape was obvious.

“That’s my baby!” It was a phrase that made us realize how passionate Bob was for his job. It was a phrase that made us all wish we could be a maintainer and a member of his team. It was a phrase that stuck. That’s what passion for one’s job will do. It leaves a lasting impact. Sit in on our chat. Hopefully, it will stir up that passion for aviation in you as well.


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